• Why Europe is being Murdered.

      So finally, a Western European leader has had the courage and fortitude to publicly say what 10s of millions of Europeans have known for years... Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary.

      He further stressed that immigration is not a method for the solution of demographic problems; this is clearly “a policy of self-elimination”.
      Not a 'conspiracy nutcase' or a 'wicked nazi thug'.
      No. The Prime Minister of a nation which has become tangled up in the razor-sharp nets of a European experiment - the EU.

      And it all becomes so glaringly obvious, like an old, instant Polaroid snapshot...

      The EU wants to compete economically with the emerging, future superpowers, yet has a falling indigenous birthrate.
      Therefore the EU must import millions of potential workers (who double up as potential heavy breeders for the next generation and the ones after that).

      The EU's gross domestic product (GDP) is more important than the ancient, wonderful nations themselves, thus Europe's countries' cultures, heritages, traditions and even genomes are sacrificed.

      Everything of value and beauty on this sacred continent is prostituted, degraded and finally... eliminated.

      All this cultural carnage, this rape of civilizations, this degradation of the highest state which mankind ever achieved.
      All of this insane, wrecking, disgusting deconstruction of a great and amazing group of societies for what?!
      For dirty, ugly old money...
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